Concept of Ashtakavarga System of Prediction

Ever since the dawn of time, various civilizations have been intrigued to know what

fortune beholds for each one of us as we work around our karmic debts. Vedic Astrology
employs one the finest techniques just to examine this and works on the basis of numbers
from 0-8.This system is called Ashtakavarga ; Ashta (eight) and Varga (division) and
was first taught by Lord Shiva to Parvati in the Bramhayamala tantra which dates back to

The principle seven planets viz the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus ,Saturn
and the Ascendant are used as reference points and each of them scores between 0-8
depending on how auspiciously or inauspiciously they are placed from each other. Thus,
each of the seven planets earns a different number, which is again unique for each person
and enables one to know how favourable a particular planet or an area of like of for them.

Scores of 0 are considered most inauspicious, whilst from 1-3 are regarded as inferior.
A score of 4 makes a planet neutral and such does not cause any harm but neither does it
bestow any gains. Scores from 5-8 are considered lucky and fortunate with the strength
increasing as they plummet towards 8. Should a planet score 8, is signifies gains of
kingdom and royal insignia. Auspicious days. Months and years can be known before
hand, none the less auspicious directions, favourable career options and much more. Every
person born will have a different Ashtakavarga score and thus can know their inherent
strengths and weaknesses.

Each planet also represents various aspects of life. If the sun scores from 5-8 for a certain
individual, they can be assured of royal / political help and high status and dignity. A
score of less than 4 makes the person always prone to issues from the government and
those in power. Similarly for the moon, a higher score denotes massive and long-lasting
fame, whilst scores less than 4 depict mental depression and anguish. A survey conducted showed that 98% of people who committed suicide were that on the Full moon night and all had scores of 0-4 for their respective charts.Higher scoring Mercury makes persons journalists , salesmen and very good at trade and accounts.

Weaker scoring Mercury makes one suffer in education and even have speech problems. An auspicious Jupiter makes own very knowledgeable and wealthy, whilst an inauspicious Jupiter could cause diabetes!.

Mars makes own involved in law, defense and cooking industry, whilst scores
of 0-3 makes people very violent and accident prone. Luxurious cars, perfumes and
clothing , happy married life are all denoted by a venus scoring 5-8 , whilst 0-3 scores ,
could make one susceptible to cancer. Parents could use this technique to know which
career lines would be most favorable and promising for their kids, thus helping them
decide their kid’s future. The uses of Ashtakavarga system of prediction are just limitless.

How ironical is it? That our so very ancient seers had the answers for everything,
regardless of what area of life an individual was concerned, the answer to that would be a simple score from 0-8!, only if people were to make use of this wonderful Ashtakavarga prediction technique.


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