Gemstone Effects of Planets in Vedic Astrology

Since time immemorial , gems and crystals have fascinated various civilizations around the globe. Some are awed by their brilliance and shine , some by their healing properties and some as their jewellery quotient. However , our Indian civilization , which is the richest and the most ancient in the known world, has a huge history with gemstones and their properties and usage.Our Vedas like the Rik Veda and Puranas like the Garuda Purana , Agni Purana and Narada Purana  to name a few time and again mention the properties of Gemstones and their powers.

Several stories have been mentioned in the Puranas which show us how these gemstones were created in the first place and their mythological properties and significance. Either may it be the story of the Demon king Bali , from whose different body parts the different gemstones were created or whether they emerged from the Samudra Manthan in which both the gods and demons participated , the central idea is always the same that gemstones do have cosmic powers embedded within them and their true potential just awaits to be harnessed.

Although there are 84 different types of gemstones listed in our shastras , 9 gemstones out of these have been accorded status of Maha or Great and thus are 9 great gemstones representing the 9 grahas in Vedic Astrology. The principal 9 Gemstones are viz:-

1. Ruby (Manik)  – Sun
2. Pearl (Moti)  – Moon
3. Red Coral (Pravala)- Mars (Mangal)
4. Emerald (Panna)- Mercury
6. Diamond (Heera) – Venus
7. Blue Sapphire (Neelam) – Saturn
8. Hessonite (Gomedh)- Dragon’s Head (Rahu)
9. Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia) – Dragon’s Tail (Ketu)

Each of these gemstones are truly unique in nature and have their own specific properties , chemical structure , density , hardness , refractive index , color , tone and durability. Some people say that gemstones for Moon and Jupiter are almost harmless and can be worn by just anybody. However , I tend to disagree here. Each gemstone is representing the cosmic power of a certain graha (planet) is highly potent and must be only worn when the horoscope permits and not randomly or based on certain whims and fancies. Otherwise wearing the wrong gemstones can have serious repercussions , for which sometimes there is no rebound.

Each gemstone also needs to be set in a particular metal prima facie to give its full effect , however the right metal for the particular person first has to be ascertained , again based on the horoscope and then  when set in that particular metal for the person , it may give astonishing results.

Gemstones are also further divided in Precious and Semi-Precious based upon their value , effect and availability. The rare and powerful ones are the ones listed above and thus called Maha Ratnas , whilst the others are called as substitutes.

Substitute gemstones also are very potent in giving results , when worn correctly , however it should be noticed that while the time required for a precious gemstone to show its result may be 2 hours for example , a semi precious gemstone for the same planet may take 6-8 hours to show its result. However , semi-precious or substitute gemstones cost a fraction of the precious gemstones , but are very cost-effective.

Each of these 9 main gemstones will be discussed separately , along with the wearing rituals and later , I will also discuss their semi-precious counterparts.


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