Effect of Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology – Part I

Normally nakshatras are simply referred to as constellations in the sky that are fixed and the various grahas upon their passage through their respective orbits are stationed in various nakshatras , which are recorded at the time of birth of an individual or during horary or other forms of astrology. However , most importance is always given to the nakshtra or constellation occupied by the Moon at the time of consideration , since is it with regards to this very constellation , the conditional nakshatra based dashas are started from. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra mentions various kinds of nakshatra dashas , each with specific conditions which when met are to used specifically for delineating results. Vimshottari , Ashtottari , Yogini and other such nakshatra dashas all are calculated with regards to the specific degree occupied by the Moon in a particular horoscope

But, the nakshatras have many more uses and most often are overlooked by astrologers simply because they do not have the relevant knowledge or technical know-how on how to go about deciphering the effect of nakshatras in the planets are based.Simply put , most astrologers will not even bother looking which nakshtra is the Sun placed in or in which nakshatra is Jupiter placed in. Most of the astrology today is done only on the basis of avasthas of planets and only planets are considered.

However , we must not forget that as Sun overlords the Rasis which exalts or debilitates the grahas , the Moon is also known as Udunatha or Lord of the Constellations and is very important in delineating what actually manifests and provides for a more diverse method of prognostication.

Lets us see some examples and then concept will be all the more clear:-

Example one :-

In the above chart nakshatra positions of various planets are as follows :-

Sun – Swati

Moon – Bharani

Mars – Moola

Mercury – Chitra

Jupiter – Visakha

Venus – Swati

Saturn – Chitra

Rahu – Ardra

Ketu – Poorva Shadha

Now , as per above chart we can see that as rahu is in a kendra to lagna lord Venus , Ashtottari Dasha is applicable. Let us see the dasha sequence below :-

Ashtottari Dasa (controversial nakshatra dasa):

Maha Dasas:

Rah: 1973-02-28 – 1985-02-28
Ven: 1985-02-28 – 2006-02-28
Sun: 2006-02-28 – 2012-02-29
Moon: 2012-02-29 – 2027-02-28
Mars: 2027-02-28 – 2035-02-28
Merc: 2035-02-28 – 2052-02-28
Sat: 2052-02-28 – 2062-02-28
Jup: 2062-02-28 – 2081-02-27

Sun is neecha in Rasi chart and is low in shadbala also. Sun dasha was very adverse for the native. Sun is placed in Swati nakshatra which is lorded by Rahu , thus Sun will specifically give its debilitated results as if Rahu was operating in the chart. Rahu is placed in the 2nd house of wealth and lords Aquarius which is 10th house. During this period , the native suddenly lost his high profile job and most of his savings (bank balance) was wiped out due to false promises by others , which the native blindly accepted and believed. Since Sun is sattwic in nature , the nature sees Sattwic guna in everyone , but since Surya is placed in Rahu Nakshatra , is acts as a negative Rahu and has even given the native smoking addiction (Rahu – Vayu tattwa).

Mercury is placed in Chitra nakshatra which is lorded by Mars and now mercury which is in neutral avastha in the chart and also combust , which give effects of Mars and also the 7th and 12th houses which mars lords. During Mercury antar dasha , the native got married and mainly the marriage was solemnized by relative and was a very quick marriage. Just before marriage , the native suffered an ankle dislocation (Mars in 8th house , lords 12th house) , but this result is being given by mercury since it placed in Mars nakshatra and will thus act as a negative Mars.

Moon is placed in Bharani nakshatra which is lorded by Venus which is placed in mulatrikona in the chart and thus very auspicious.During Moon dasha , person was having a very nice time with lots of finances , no trouble from any enemies and overall prosperity and success. Venus lords Lagna and 6h house. 6th lord in 6th house forms a very auspicous Harsha Yoga and mulatrikona lagna lord is sure to make the person shine. Note that Moon is of Purnimasya tithi , thus full and very auspicious.

So from the above two examples we can see that it is basically the constellations or nakshatras that emit light and the grahas have no light of their own. When grahas cross the nakshatras , their nature gets modified by the nakshatra in which they are placed as they absorb their light and start giving their results. The avashta of the planet simply determines if the graha will act in a negative or positive manner.

More to be continued in the next part.


6 thoughts on “Effect of Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology – Part I

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  3. Venus is in Marana karaka sthana..How can it be auspicious…when 7th rasi appears in 6th..its sure shot that person has a disagreement nature..i am very confident about this

    • Venus being lagna lord here will protect him and Venus being a sixth lord is in 6 th house only protecting that house so Venus gave good results I feel

  4. sir: kindly clarify following;–moon is in star of benefic guru.but guru, in another house, is yuti with rahu,kuja. will it nullify goodness of the above star,even giving bad effects to moon? generally,yuti (or other aspects-good/bad)on star-lord will considerbly modify basic star effects on planet placed in the star ? expecting early reply.thanq & regards.

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