Effects of Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology – Part II

Continuing from the previous post on Effects of Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology , let us now analyze another horoscope to understand this concept in further detail. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra explains various kinds of dashas , some conditionally applicable , whilst others are universally applicable , but specifically mentions the Vimshottari Dasha to be to most supreme amongst all dasha and of outmost importance in Kali Yuga.

If other dasha systems are applicable and even show the timing of events correctly , then how is one to treat and consider the vimshottari dasha system to the be the most supreme ? Well , each nakshatra dasha uses a different rulership and order of nakshatras for its dasha sequence , but the lords of the vimshottari dasha are universally applicable and must always be considered when evaluating the effects of nakshatra in the horoscope.

Example horoscope 2 :-

Sun –  Rohini
Moon –  Hasta
Mars – Mrigashira
Mercury –  Krittika
Jupiter – Dhanishta
Venus – Aswini
Saturn (R) –  Visakha
Rahu – Bharani
Ketu  – Visakha

Shodasottari dasa (applicable if lagna in Moon’s hora in Krishna paksha or in Sun’s hora in Sukla paksha):

Maha Dasas:

Moon: 1984-08-19 – 2000-08-19
Merc: 2000-08-19 – 2017-08-19
Ven: 2017-08-19 – 2035-08-19
Sun: 2035-08-19 – 2046-08-19
Mars: 2046-08-19 – 2058-08-19
Jup: 2058-08-19 – 2071-08-19
Sat: 2071-08-19 – 2085-08-18
Ket: 2085-08-18 – 2100-08-19

In the above example ,

Moon is placed in own nakshatra and thus gives its effects in complete. Moon is neutral in avashtha and also has full aspect of Jupiter which is neecha or debilitated in the horoscope.Since Moon is placed in 12th house of expenses,  the native is an excessive spend thrift and suffers from serious cold and sinus problems. The nature of the native to spend money is highly malefic and often the native has to go around asking for funds , once he has exhausted his own funds.As the moon is placed in own nakshatra it will give results of own house , which is 10th house in this case , the native puts in lot of hard work and effort , but his efforts are not duly rewarded and appreciated.

Sun is placed in Rohini nakshatra which is lorded by Moon , sun now gives results of 10th house and itself lords 11th house. During Mercury Mahadasha , Sun antardasha , the native for forced to find a job (moon 10th house effect given by sun) in order to earn money (sun lording eleventh house) , due to misunderstanding and problems with his father(sun – natural karaka for father).  The native also got a job north of his place of residence , thus making sun complete his nakshatra effects of Moon in full.(Moon represents North direction)

During Mercury Mahadasha – Jupiter antardasha , Jupiter is placed in Dhanishta Nakshatra which is lorded by Mars and thus jupiter gives effect of 7th house and 2nd house. Jupiter is neecha in the chart , but since it is placed in kendra to lagna , karkamsa lagna and Arudha Lagna , Jupiter has powerful neecha bhanga and gives exalted results. During jupiter dasha , native bought his own house , as Mars disposits 4th Lord Saturn and Jupiter is also receiving full aspect from both Saturn (4th lord) and nakshatra lord (Mars ) making the neecha bhanga even more powerful. The native enjoyed the Jupiter antardasha to the maximum and this period was very auspicious for him. Had jupiter been in some other nakshatra ,the effects would have been completely different. Also note jupiter itself sits in the 4th house of home and lands.The house was bought under a loan from the bank , which further completes the yoga of jupiter in mars nakshatra as mars is karaka for loans and debts.

Thus nakshatra effects are very powerful and must duly be taken into consideration , to understand what exactly it is that the planet wishes to give in its dasha. Gemstones  can also be prescribed taking this method into consideration and I will discuss this in-depth in a future article.


88 thoughts on “Effects of Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology – Part II

  1. Dear CS Sabharwal Sir,

    A veet enlightning post on use of nakshatras.
    Hope to see more on use of Nakshatras with relevant examples as above in near Future.
    Reading ur post ,i hav gained more confidence in interpretting my charts.

  2. Dear CS Sabharwal Sir,

    A very enlightening post on use of nakshatras.
    Hope to see more on use of Nakshatras with relevant examples as above in near Future.
    Reading Ur post ,i have gained more confidence in interpreting my charts.

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