Aries Zodiac Sign – Mesha Rashi

The entire heavens is a 360 degree circle which has been divided in 12 equal parts. Each of these parts is known as a zodiacal sign and each of them have their own sets of attributes and characteristics. Understanding each of these signs on a more deeper level helps in a better understanding of the horoscope.

The 12 zodiacal signs are :-

1. Aries (Mesha)

2. Tauras (Vrisabha)

3. Gemini (Mithuna)

4. Cancer (Karka)

5. Leo (Simha)

6.Virgo (Kanya)

7.Libra (Tula)

8.Scorpio (Vrischik)

9.Sagittarius (Dhanus)

10.Capricorn (Makar)

11.Aquarius (Kumbha)

12.Pisces (Meena)

The names in brackets are the ones as known in Vedic Astrology and define and represent the signs on a more fundamental and esoteric level. Rashi or Zodiacal sign represents the various part of ‘Kalapurusha’ (Time personified) , Sri Vishnu. The lord himself  has created the signs out of his own very body parts , so as to enable the process of creation and destruction . Aries or Mesha rashi is the first of the tweleve zodiac signs and it represents the following things :-

Body Part – Head

Direction – East

Element – Fire (Agni Tattwa)

Varna (Basic nature) – Kshatriya (Warrior mentality)

Lord – Mars (Mangal)

Locations – Mountains

Symbol – Ram

Exalts – Sun (Surya)

Debilitates – Saturn (Shani)

Mulatrikona – Mars (Mangal)

Type – Dhatu (Metals , Mineral and compounds)

Mode of Rising – Prishtodaya (rising by its back)

Time – Night

Height – Short

Color – Blood Red

Gemstone – Red coral

These indications help in deciphering what the graha or planet does in the horoscope. As rashis or zodiacal signs represents the very base with which when the grahas interact are results produced. Simply looking at planets placed in Aries sign in the horoscope and seeing which house is denoted by aries can give lots of information on how the native interacts with those particular areas of life.

More on the individual houses of the horoscope when ruled by Aries in the following articles.


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