Aries Ascendant (First House/bhava) – Mesha Rashi in Lagna

Continuing from the previous post in which an introduction was given about the 12 zodiacal signs , Aries (Mesha Rashi) was described. Now we will understand what effects are produced when mesha rasi or Aries occupies the Ascendant or Rising Sign or also known as Lagna in Vedic Astrology.

The Ascendant or First House always denotes and represents the Native or the Self. Houses are also known as Bhavas in jyotisha.Bhava means feeling and in short it represents what kind of feelings the native will have towards a particular area of life denoted by the particular house of bhava. Self , form , colour , internal nature , overall health and vitality, happiness or sadness in life , overall intelligence , head and tendency of the native are to be judged from the Ascendant or the first house.

When Aries or Mesha Rashi occupies the first house/bhava or ascendant , the native will don the qualities of Mars , since Mangal graha  is the ruler of Aries. The native will be short in stature, warrior mentality , either be aggressive or will always revolt against injustice , depending upon the position of Mars in the horoscope. The native will be haste in making decisions , will be lustfully inclined and will also be fond of wars and battles.

Since Aries is a movable sign , the native will always be on the move , fond of travelling and will usually have less hair on his head. Will be hot in constitution and will have keen interest in minerals and metals.

Thus when Aries occupies the Ascendant , it imparts its qualities and thus the native is of an Arian personality. If other grahas join Aries Sign in the ascendant , then depending of which grahas join , the nature of the native is modified so as to absorb qualities of the grahas in the first house.

The next post will describe the effects when Aries lord the second house or bhava.


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