Interpreting Divisional Charts / Vargas in Vedic Astrology

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra mentions 16 divisional charts or mathematical products that are derived from the main Rasi or Lagna Chart. The positions of all the planets or grahas including the Ascendant in each of these 16 divisional charts is calculated from the degreecal positions of the Lagna degree rising at the time of birth and through the positions of the various planets. Since the lagna and the planets are always in constant motion , the sub mathematical products or Divisional charts (Vargas) are different for everyone and thus the lives of each of us are different.

These divisional charts help us to understand the various facets of life for a particular native and what karma lies for them to be experienced with regards to different sectors of life. This single aspect of Vedic Astrology makes it different from Western or Other forms of astrology , as they simply do not go into so much depth. The idea is simple and let me try to explain this in layman terms.

Example 1 :-

A person may be good looking , but he may not have money. He may have a good wife , but are unable to have children. He is highly educated , but is unable to find a job . He may be highly spiritual and religious , but his brothers may not be. His father may have a number of vehicles as his command , but he may be travelling by public transportation.

Example 2 :-

A person may be ugly looking , but has millions of dollars in his bank account. He constantly runs after prostitutes and has adopted a child. He is a college dropout , but has a vast business. He is not religious , but he is from a brahmin family. His father may be a postman , but he travles in BMW’s and Mercedes Benz !

So , just by looking at grahas in the Rasi chart , all facets of life cannot be accurately determined and everybody has something given to them easily , whilst something else is always lacking ! The divisional charts (vargas) help the astrologer determine , what will come easily and what will not. The sixteen divisional charts as listed by ancient classical texts are as follows :-

 Divisional Chart (Varga) –  Matters to be seen

1. Rasi chart (D-1) –                         Body

2.Hora chart (D-2)-                         Wealth & Finances

3. Drekkana (D-3)-                           Siblings  & Brothers

4.Chaturthamsa (D-4)-                  Fortunes & Residences

5.Saptamsa (D-7)-                           Progency & Children

6.Navamsa (D-9)-                            Marriage , Wife and Relationships

7.Dasamsa (D-10)-                          Work , Career and Profession

8. Dwadashamsa (D-12) –              Parents & Grandparents

9. Shodashamsa (D-16)-                Vehicles & Conveyances

10.Vimsamsa (D-20) –                   Spirituality , Religion and Meditation

11.Siddhamsa (D-24)-                    Learning & Education

12.Nakshatramsa (D-27) –           Inherent Strengths & Weaknesses

13. Trimsamsa (D-30)-                  Evils , Calamities & Character of Person

14.Khavedamsa (D-40)-               Auspicious & Inauspicious Effects

15.Akhavedamsa (D-45)-             Everything

16.Shashtyamsa (D-60)-               Everything

So, the entire gamut of life has been divided in 16 parts by our ancient rishis and evaluation of each of these is necessary to determine the exact root cause of sufferings and blessings. As per Saravali , without the knowledege of divisional charts , one cannot even lay a step forward in determining the fortunes of the native.

We will discuss more on divisional charts in part II.


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