Divisional Charts / Vargas in Vedic Astrology Explained – II

Following up from our previous post on Divisional Charts or Vargas in Vedic Astrology , in this article let us understand how each divisional chart works and how these vargas are supposed to be interpreted with reference to the main rasi chart.

Each bhava / house in vedic  astrology has several parameters attached to it and then it has a particular sign of the zodiac ruling it , along with planets posited in the bhava , planets aspecting it , the bhava lord and planets conjoined the bhava lord. Amongst these factors , even the Arudha of a particular house comes into play and then with the multiple significations and sometimes having multiple karakas for each bhava , it becomes really perplexing as to what will give good result and what will give bad results with respect to a particulcar bhava.

For example , the 4th bhava rules the following :-

Mother ,Home ,Lands ,Hidden Treasures ,Friends / Social Circles ,Vehicles  & Peace of Mind to name a few.

The karakas for 4th house are Jupiter , Moon , Venus and Mercury.

Now in a chart , 4th lord sun is debilitated in 6th house in Rasi Chart. How are we do determine which of the above significations of the 4th house will be auspicious and which all will not be ? Remember in the previous article on Divisonal Charts , I gave 2 examples of people have compeltetly different set of attributes and achievements in life ?

Let us study this in more detail :-

Example Chart :-

In the Rasi chart, which represents the body , matters relating to different organs and body parts must be examined. Here , Sun is the 4th lord that is debilitated in 6th house of diseases. Since ,4th house represents lungs and heart , we can safely say that the native will have troubles relating to lungs , heart and chest area and can have diseases relating to them. Since Sun is karaka for bones , the rib cage area may be most afflicted and overall strength of bones will also be affected.Since Rasi represents only body , no other signification must be decuded from the rasi chart.

The 4th house represents mother and the divisional chart used to view parents overall is the dwadashamsa (D-12). Here 4th lord is mercury , which is placed in inmical avastha in sign of jupiter. The native’s mother has problem of constipation since birth and has also faced a troubled married life , since 4th lord is in 7th house of marriage. Mercury recieves the aspect of varga dispositor Jupiter , so the problem is not so severe . The native’s mother has a huge social circle and is extremely jolly. Since the lagna lord of the varga represents the native himself , the lagnesha and 4th lord are the same i.e. Mercury , the native is extremely attached to his mother.

Another indication of the 4th house is vehicles and the divisional chart that represents vehicles is Shodashamsa (D-16), let us study the 4th house in this varga. Here the 4th lord is Saturn which is neutral in avatha and is placed with own sign Mercury. Saturn recieves aspect from Sun , Venus and Moon. The native learnt driving for the first time in his life after his 24th year under not so favorable circumstances. Moon matures at 24 years and is placed in inmical avashtha. Sun matures at 22 years , but since Sun is debilitated in Rasi chart , it will never give auspicious results in any varga. The native had the pleasure of driving his own vehicle , which was registered in the name of his wife , after 26 years of age , as Venus matured. After 32 years of age , the native will have good vehicles at his command , since mercury is placed in own sign in this divisional chart and is conjunct 4th lord saturn.

So , in short this is how the vargas are to be evaluated and effects for different significations of a particular bhava and karaka must be deduced. If the 4th lord joins a particular planet in a varga that does not signify matters of the 4th house , then the 4th house matters are shared / involved with the particular varga in question. For example , 4th house has nothing to do with wife or Navamsa (D-9). Now , for example if 4th lord of D-12 in  is joined or aspected by 7th lord in D-9, it may be deduced that the wife and mother of the native will share some aspects or significations in life as indicated by signs and sign lords.

As a rule , planets that are weak in shadbala or are debilitated in Rasi chart , should be completely ignored in all vargas as per Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra.


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