Aries in Second House::Dhana Bhava in Vedic Astrology

Continuing form the previous post in which we discussed what effects are produced when Mesha Rasi or Aries occupies the Ascendant or Rising Sign or also known as Lagna in Vedic Astrology, in this post we will discuss what are the effects when Aries lords the Second house or Dhana Bhava.

The Second House is also known as Dhava Bhava and  represents finances,bank balances,gold and precious metals,gemstones,family,longevity of wife,speech,food,clothes and death of native.It also represents the face and right eye from the physical perspective. Houses are also known as Bhavas in jyotisha.Bhava means feeling and in short it represents what kind of feelings the native will have towards a particular area of life denoted by the particular house of bhava. Since the third bhava is responsible for the longevity and vitality of the native, the 2nd house being the 12th to the 3rd house , denotes the loss of longevity and thus directly influences the death of the native.

When Aries or Mesha Rashi occupies the second house/dhana bhava , the natives 2nd house affairs will don the qualities of Mars , as Mangal is the ruler of Aries. The native will like hot and spicy food , be harsh in speech, either be very wealthy or extremely poor depending on the avastha of Mars in the horoscope.The native will also suffer from very mild manglik dosha if mars occupies his own rasi in second house , since 2nd house is eight from 7th house and directly controls the longevity of wife and married life.For Aries ascendant , Mars itself is 8th lord and for Libra Ascendant , Mars is 7th lord of marriage and wife.

Since Aries is a movable sign , the native will be a foodie and preferably fond of cooking himself and will also be a quick eater.The native may get good wealth from east direction as Aries now occupies second house. Since Aries is a prishtodaya rasi , experiences related to second house will manifest late in life.

These qualities and attributes of Aries lording the second house may get modified , it planets join or aspect Mars or occupy / aspect the second house.

The next post will describe the effects when Aries lords the third house or  sahaj bhava.


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