Benefits & Effects of Cat’s Eye::Lehsunia::Astrological Gemstone of Ketu-South Node of the Moon

Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye  is the astrological gemstone of the Dragon’s Tail or Ketu Graha as known in Vedic Astrology. Chrysoberyl belongs to the beryl family of minerals  and has hardness of 8.5 on the Mohr’s Scale. It has a Specific Gravity of 3.5-3.85  and is biaxial. Chrysoberyl is known as Vaidurya in sanskrit , Lehsunia in Hindi , En Alhit  in Arabic and Chrysoberyl or Cymophane in English.Cat’s Eye is the effect achieve due to the cabochon cutting of the mineral so that minute microscopic strands run parallel and when light interacts with then a vertical stripe of Light is seen which rotates as the gem is rotated and give is the peculiar cat’s eye effect. The gem is always called chrysoberyl and cat’s eye is only the effect akin to stars on the star rubies.

Chrysoberyl  is essentially an aluminate or beryllium and has the chemical formula BeAl2O4. It is available in different shades from yellow , gray , black and green. Each of these  colors have different applications as per vedic recommendation of gemstones.Cat’s eye effect is also formed with quartz family of minerals and these gems are very cheap and easily available. It is the pale yellow color of chyrsoberyl that represents the color of garlic and thus is known as Lehsunia in Hindi , which literally means having the color of garlic clove. These are the real gems for astrological use and recommendation for Ketu.Chrysoberyls are mostly transparent and quartz cat’s eyes are opaque.Needless to say the transparent gems are more powerful and costly than their opaque counterparts. The fineness and straightness of the line running across the gem that gives it the cat’s eye effect govern the quality of the gem. The finer the line , the higher the price and more effective the gem. Cat’s eye gemstones having astrological significance are primarly available in 3 qualities.

Kanak Khet – These gems belong to the chrysoberly family and are transparent in nature. They either have a white . blue or golden-yellow line running across them are the fire in the line is just eye-catching. These gems are heavy and must always be worn if budget permits. The ones having a pale yellow color are optimal and are actually known as Lehsunia , whilst the white color gems also work fine.

Dhumra Khet – These gems belong to the chrysoberyl or quartz family and are opaque in nature. Color of the gem may vary from green to gray and some even having a blue line running across them other than the white line. These gems are medium quality , but very effective and usually are the most used amongst the general public.

Kanak Khet – These gems belong to the quartz family and are black in color with a relatively fat white line running across. These gems are most cheap and most often a bigger size must be worn. These gems are of the inferior type and normally must be avoided.

Cat’s eye gemstone should be free from blemishes such as dark spots , cracks , broken lines, double lines ,sandy appearance , lack of luster and must not have extremities of color. Such gems fail to effectively transmit the cosmic radiation of Ketu and bring about undesirable results.

Cat’s eye gems should be free from any defects and must have uniform color , good lustre , acceptable transparency and must be appealing to the eye. A minimum of 3 carats is enough to be worn as per astrological reasons and the gemstone must be set preferably in silver.A gemstone of 3-5  carats is good and a Cat’s Eye of 7+ carats is most desirable and sought after. Since Cat’s Eye is a hot gemstone and governs the vata or air  in the body ,gold is the best metal to effectively transmit the energy of the gemstone.

Cat’s Eye are mined in Sri Lanka , India , China, Burma, Thailand, Africa and Brazil. High quality Chrysoberyls are rare and only gems  that are not synthetic or man-made should be worn for astrological purposes .Ceylonese or Sri Lankan cat’s eye gems are premium quality and are most sought after. High quality, certified , natural and authentic Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye are most auspicious.

Cat’s Eye  should always be worn within 1 hour of sunrise on Thursday on the middle finger of the right hand. Alternatively it may also be worn on the 3rd or ring finger if such yogas exist within the horoscope.Cat’s Eye gemstone must always be worn if Ketu is favorable or benefic in the chart and is either exalted or placed in own signs or great friend sign and occupies a favorable navamsa. When such conditions exist , wearing a Cat’s Eye grants immediate favors and is very helpful.

On the contrary when Ketu  is occupies debilitation / great enemy navamsa or is conjunct Sun / Moon / Saturn or Mars  then donation of Cat’s Eye greatly enhances the prospects of native and serves him good.SinceKetu gives results of its dispositor , careful analysis of the horoscope is must.


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  2. my dob is 17/05 1967 time 10:55 pm. l am suffering from great financial /mental problem. Please suggest me appropriate gem stone.

  3. My dob is 15/09/1988 and time is 7:00p.m ,and birth place is varanasi (u.p)..plZ suggest me a correct gemstone which i must wear….presently i am not wearing any type of gemstone….

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