Benefits of wearing Pearl Gemstone(Moti)::Gem of Moon or Chandra graha

When Moon associates with various bhavas in the chart , wearing a Pearl gemstone or Moti can grant various benefits which are again modified by the varna of the gemstone.

  1. When lording the 1st house , peace of mind , overall calm nature , freedom from kapha related problems , more affection and support from mother or maternal side and overall females in general can be expected.
  2. When lording the 2nd house , increase in wealth and income through females or moon related products and vocations can be expected. increase in consumption of diary related products and overall charming tone of voice and pleasant speech. increase harmony in family are some of the benefits of wearing pearl or moti gemstone.
  3. When lording the 3rd house , increase in efforts , valour , courage , success in efforts and all undertakings , enhanced support from younger siblings and known associates can be expected.
  4. When lording the 4th house , increase in vehicles , residences , immovable assets , friends , social circles and major support and affection from mother is manifested.
  5. When lording the 5th house , increase in intelligence due to stability of the mind , devotion towards female deities such as parvati , durga and lakshmi. Daughters are born upon wearing a pearl.
  6. When lording the 6th house , freedom from kapha related disorders , blood related diseases , overcoming troubles caused by female enemies and overall freedom from financial problems caused by women within or outside the family.
  7. When lording the 7th house , new relationships are manifested , existing relationships are cured and diseases relating to private parts if any are cured.Also good for partnerships and business relating to moon related items.
  8. When lording the 8th house , all problems relating the mental disorders , stress , anxiety , depression , mother , residences , inheritance and overall lack of support from society within one’s homeland are absolved.
  9. When lording the 9th house , increase in bhagya or fortune , increased luck from mother and females in general. pilgrimages to the north direction and or cold places. success in all efforts and undertakings is granted.
  10. When lording the 10th house , increase in professional status, favors of female bosses , recognition in ones field of work , work related travels and overall success in moon related professions.
  11. When lording the 11th house , great amount of income earned in the dashas of moon and overall happiness of mind due to all desires being fulfilled and everything being achieved.
  12. When lording the 12th house , deep sleep , relief from insomnia , nightmares and control on unwarranted expenses , mood swings and volatility of the mind is controlled.


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