Ruby Gemstone Benefits (Manikya)::Gemstone of Sun or Surya graha

When Surya or Sun associates with the various bhavas in the chart , wearing a ruby gemstone to boost a further benefic and auspicious surya grants the following results :-

  1. When lording the 1st house , strong constitution , vitality , freedom from fire or pitta related diseases , balancing of the navel chakra , mitigation of lower back pains and relief from fever and diseases is granted. name , fame , recognition and overall increase in dharma and sattva guna can be expected.
  2. When lording the 2nd house , increase in income  , wealth , recognition in family , decisions taken as head of family or in family leading to more wealth. increase in intake of spicy and hot food , reserved speech and more sattva guna in speech are some of the few benefits.
  3. When lording the 3rd house , co-operation from younger siblings , success in efforts and all undertaking , more vigour in undertaking short journeys  , full support from father and other fatherly type figures is expected.
  4. When lording the 4th house , increase in friends , social circles , vehicles , immovable properties , mother , residences and overall name , fame and recognition in the before mentioned areas take place. mind stays calm and always immersed in meditative state.
  5. When lording the 5th house , intelligence in increased , more interested in yantras , mantras and other academics. Devotion towards lord shiva or surya dev himself. intelligence helps the native or their father and name , fame and recognition is granted.
  6. When associated with 6th house , freedom from pitta or fire related doshas in the body . overcoming enemies . obstacles , getting rid of financial trouble and misery are some of the benefits associated with wearing ruby gemstone.
  7. When associated with the 7th house , increased harmony in relationships , taming of rigidity , stubbornness and ego in relationships is observed and new relationships can manifest.
  8. When lording the 8th house , freedom from all troubles and misery in life relating to father , health , recognition , intelligence , sovereign should be expected.
  9. When lording the 9th house , increase in good luck , fortune , pilgrimages and visits to other holy places is manifested. All efforts and undertakings are successful and amply rewarded. Overall a major boost in life occurs.
  10. When lording the 10th house , increase in professional status , name , fame , recognition , awards from distinguished  institutions and overall success in life is granted.
  11. When lording the 11th house , increase in income , monetary status and fulfillment of all desires is achieved.
  12. When lording the 12th house , freedom from losses , reduction in expenses , freedom from government litigations and expenses towards father or other unwarranted  expenses. Increase in charity and donations, peace of mind and overall freedom from miseries can be expected.


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