Importance & Effects of Shani or Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is based upon the 9 grahas , 12 bhavas , 16 vargas or divisional charts and 27 nakshatras or constellations. In the magnum opus Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Parasara Muni states

“Jeevanam Karmaphalado Graharupo Janardana ” which means

Lord Vishnu himself incarnated as the 9 grahas to bestow the effects to living beings as per their own karma . So , essentially the 9 grahas assume good or bad positions based upon the individual karmas from past life and certain good or bad yogas are formed and when they will be experienced is examined by the dasha system.

In vedic astrology , Saturn or Shani is regarded as a servant ,is the lowest ranked and weakest amongst all the grahas . Today we will study about the importance and effects of Saturn in vedic astrology. Below are the attributes associated with him.

Name  –  Saturn / Shani

Gender – Neuter

Owns – Capricorn  and Aquarius

Exalted – Libra 20 degrees

Debilitated  – Aries 20 degrees

Mulatrikona – Aquarius (0-10 degrees)

Gemstone – Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Metal – Iron

Colour – Blue

Element – Air

Chakra – Ajna

Direction – West

Tanmatra – Touch

Dhatu – Muscle

Type – Dhatu

Time – Samvatsar (1 year)

Drishti – 100 % aspect on 3rd, 7th & 10th house from Natal Position

Rashmis – 5

Guna – Tamasic

Abode – Wastelands

Status – Servant

Food – Black Lentils

Rudraksha – 8 Mukhi

The BPHS states Saturn has emaciated and long physique , has tawny eyes , is windy in temperament , has big teeth , is indolent , lame and has coarse hair.

Saturn adds or reduces sexual drive based on his conjunctions in the chart. Saturn makes a person completely detached , lonely and extremely slow.Malefic or inauspicious Shani will make the native introverted , lethargic , dull , lazy and indolent.

Vata or Windy problems , knee joint pains , weakness in the body and uncleanliness are common for those suffering from malefic saturn , especially when it associates with lagna or lagnesha. The benefic aspect of saturn in women , makes them extremely dutiful and responsible in nature along with being hardworking.Saturn being the natural karaka for ayus(longevity) and sorrows, a benefic saturn makes the person extremely long lived whilst a malefic aspect makes the person always given to hardship , troubles , delays , sorrows , disappointments and short or medium lifespan depending on other factors in the chart.

Saturn rules the weekday saturday and fasting on this day without salt is a very effective , time-tested and proven remedy. The Agni purana specially mentions the fasts for all 9 grahas and donation of yellow urad lentils is most effective and recommended. The navagraha stotra for Shani as taught by Maharshi Ved Vyasa in the Mahabharat is :-

“Neelanjana Sama Bhaasam , Ravi putram yamagrajam”

“Chhaya martanda sambhutam , tam namai shanaishcharam”

which means , I salute the one who resembles the hue of blue flowers, is the the son of Ravi (surya graha) , younger brother to Yama (God of death and dharma), perfection created of Chaaya and who is slow ,  to such a saturn I pay for peace and well being !!

Reading this everyday for minimum 108 times is very helpful , especially in the mahadasha and antardasha of saturn.



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