Consultations & Services

Here is a list of services and personal consultations that I provide. You may avail my services from here. Readings along with PDF reports are emailed within 24 hours.

Detailed Horoscope Reading :- USD 40                                                                                                                                                          

This reading analyzes all aspects of the birth chart and focuses on multiple areas of life for correction and improvement.Birth time rectification is included and is done before the chart reading begins.Conditional nakshatra dashas , ashtakavargas , shadbala and vargas or Divisional Charts are analysed along with current planetary transits and dashas. A free follow up is also included with this reading so as to help the clients with  any problem they may need a solution to with in the future.Any number of issues can be addressed whether it be legal , health , marriage ,children , finances , career etc.This reading uses a very wholesome and holistic approach to understanding the native’s problem and identifying remedies which give quick results.Recommendation for gemstones , rudrakshas and other remedies is provided.

Muhurta :- USD 30

This service specifically aims at selecting a most favorable moment based upon the client’s needs when they can commence any important work at a most auspicious moment. This service can be chosen when naming the new born child , signing an important business contract , entering the new house for the first time ,marriage , opening of a new store / business location etc.The muhurta specially chosen upon the needs and requirements of the clients helps them access and gain the most of the favorable planetary energies and ensures everlasting success , prosperity , peace and happiness in all ventures

Birth Time Rectification :- USD 15

This service is meant for those people who are not sure of their birth time and have difficulties in getting the correct picture of their birth chart , right predictions , analysis and remedies. The entire gamut of Vedic Astrology is based upon the accuracy of the birth time. any discrepancies in birth time lead to creation of inaccurate horoscopes and the entire analysis along with predictions and remedies goes off the mark by a long way ! These days many astrologers fail simply because they blindly read the chart without even bothering to verify if the birth time is accurate , as this is a tedious process and in doing so , they would loose out quite a few customers for the day , as its plane jane business for them. but they do not understand that the client coming to them is already under quite some pressure and difficultes and really needs some good help instead of inaccurate readings , analysis and predictions.This service is a must if the full benefit of Vedic Astrology is to be enjoyed.

Prashna Lagna (Horary Astrology) :- USD 15

This service is very unique by itself.No birthtime data is needed in this service as its main aim to answer queries posted at the spur of the moment. Having something in mind that you need a definite , precise and holistic answer to ? well, then this service is just for you. Simple questions which can help us in deciding the course of our lives can be answered with this method.Prashna means question and Lagna means ascendant . So based upon the positions of the planets at the time of the question , the chart is analyzed and answers and recommendations are given . The entire scenario along with the pros and cons is explained which helps the client be prepared adequately for the situation they are dealing with.A number is to be chosen between 12-108 (both inclusive) which is given by the client based upon which the chart is erected and the query is answered.

Numerology Service :- USD 30

This service uses the science of Vedic Numerology to match birth name / businesss / organization names to the vibrations of the person concerned so as to both of them are finely tuned and are always in sync with each other. Every thing in the universe is simply vibration , and it is well known rule of physics that when 2 waves merge together in phase or sync with each other , they become 2x powerful in amplitude and vibration. Similary when the name of the person is matched with their birth number which is solely based upon destiny and was given by god to us , we start tapping in to positive energy granted by god to us and our lives achieve a whole new level of internal peace , satisfaction , prosperity , abundance and success.

Talismans or Kavachas :- USD 50

Kavacha means an armor of protection against something we want us to be protected of.After analyzing the birth chart , certain planets with negative tendencies are identified and to solve these particularly negative planets and save us from their malefic effects , their respective talismans or kavachas must be worn on the body.The tailsmans here are prepared using a varitey of ingredients some of them which are the planet’s yantra written only on bhojpatra with ashtagandha , herbs , scents and other items related to the planet.All of these ingredients are then packed in to a silver amulet and energized with powerful tantrik mantras in the name of the client so that when the clients wears the particular talisman , he may gain full protection from the malefic energies of the planet and favorable outcomes are seen in no time. Writing the yantras on bhojpatra with certain types of inks and pens as mentioned in ancient tantrik texts gives very powerful results in no time.

Navagraha Kavach :- USD 375

This kind of talisman is recommended when a majority of the planets in the horoscope are on the unfavorable side or the client itself suffers from the dosha of being born in an inauspicious muhurta at birth. People born on sankranti , amavasya , chaturdashi , grahan kaal or birth during eclipse time , vyaptipata yoga , vishti karana or any type of gandanta should surely wear this kavacha as it has considerable power to balance all 9 grahas simultaneously and improve the quality of life of the client by a very fundamental and substantial amount.Also when a majority of the planets are inauspicious for the client and it is only failure that he finds everywhere , wearing individual talismans for each planet seperately may not be quite feasible and not so easy to maintain on the body. Thus a single kavach serves this purpose and provides massive effects. These talismans are quite tested for the efficacy and results.


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