Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is a system of divination which allows humans to foresee their good and bad times , joys and sorrows, longevity and curses which have been bought forward from previous lifetimes. Vedic astrology is also more popularly known as Jyotisa and is held in highest esteem amongst the cultural treasures of India and is also regarded as the eyes of the Veda. Jyotisa is a science with sound rules and parameters based on perfect logic , uses mathematics and astronomy to accurately pinpoint the exact location of the heavenly bodies to be considered. This system was first taught by Lord Shiva to Brahma, the creator who then taught this to 18 other rishis(celestial sages) and ever since then , this knowledge has flowed down from generation to generation.

We all reap the good and bad effects of  the  karmas that are performed by us here on Earth (Bhu Loka) & since the entire creation as we know is bound singly by the law of karma and nothing can , has and ever will supersede this most powerful law. Sri Vishnu ,being the preserver of all the life on earth , has himself incarnated as 9 grahas also known as Nava Grahas , each graha having a different attribute of the supreme being , solely to bring forward the karmas of man , good or bad in the form of joys and happiness. Every action performed by each one of us , is recorded instantly and sent into a supreme database , which knows exactly when the fruits of the particular karma must be reaped.

Permutations , combinations , different sets of calculations and planetary relationships formed with each other also known as Yogas are the core elements of vedic astrology which are different for each person born on earth , just like thumb fingerprints which are not even the same for twins.Just in passing remark  may I  also mention that , unlike the notion of many people , Vedic Astrology is always indicative and not decisive. What our natal horoscopes indicate are just fortunes waiting for us to be reaped as on the moment we are born , but with prayers , donations , worship and other remedial measures , bad karma can be gotten rid of and calamties can be averted.


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