Vedic Numerology

Vedic Numerology is a branch of Jyotisa which shows us how the nine planets or NavaGrahas manifest their cosmic essense and powers in the mundane world in the form of numbers. Since ancient civilizations, man has used numbers to assess and count almost everything and anything. The moment we are born here on earth , the very date itself marks our cosmic connection to the planets with these very numbers acting as the interlink.

Grahas are supreme , most powerful and must never be mistaken to be either demigods or lesser divine forces. Sri Vishnu himself has incarnated as the 9 grahas in due course of time and thus the 9 grahas have the same might and power as Narayana himself. Through Astro numerology , we can use the fortunate numbers to our advantage and increase positivity and create affuluence in life.


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